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Land surveyor Johannesburg, Freelance Geomatics ZA provides affordable land survey services including laser scanning, engineering surveys, mine surveys, utility detection, photogrammetry and geographical information systems. We have made partnerships with over fifty registered land survey freelancers across Johannesburg to provide our clients with efficient survey solutions. Our land survey services extend throughout Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and South Africa for both small scale and commercial projects.

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We provide Johannesburg with specialized land survey services to suit any project type. Our organization is well equipped and boast highly skilled freelancers to meet all your land surveying needs in and around Johannesburg. 

Our specialized land survey services include:

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What is a boundary survey?

What is a boundary survey? 

A boundary survey is a procedure whereby a land surveyor marks out the perimeter of a property according to its legal descriptions. In South Africa, a boundary survey is performed by a registered professional land surveyor. 

Prior to completing a boundary survey, a surveyor will first conduct a research for the property’s survey records to guide the installation of the property beacons(corner pegs) as per legal descriptions. Once the property beacons are installed, the surveyor will then issue a beacon relocation certificate as evidence of positions and descriptions of the beacons.

Who requires a boundary survey?

A boundary survey is required when buying, fencing or building or structure close to the property’s legal boundaries. A boundary survey may also be required in the event of a possible encroachment over legal boundary lines by an adjacent property’s wall, fence or building.

What is land subdivision?

What is land subdivision?

Land subdivision is an act of dividing a land portion into two or more portions for the purposes of selling or land development or township establishment.

Can I get my land subdivided?

Yes it is possible despite it being a process, we are here to help. We provide this service in Johannesburg and across South Africa.

Can I get my property's survey online?

As a property owner you can view your property's boundary lines on the surveyor general's website. You may assess whether your property falls within its legal boundary lines or identify any possible encroachments.

Despite this information readily available on the surveyor general's website, we recommend assistance by a professional land surveyor. Get in touch with our Johannesburg land surveyors today.