geographical information systems(gis) services

Geographical information systems (GIS) technology provides a way to collect, store, analyse, manage, manipulate and visualise multiple layers of geographical datasets for meaningful interpretations and applications. Architects, engineers, planners and other disciplines are increasingly demanding fully integrated, correlated and up to date 3-dimensional spatial datasets for visualization, planning, design and communication.

Our current data collection techniques including; GPS surveys, utility detection, photogrammetry and laser scanning can be integrated with non spatial datasets to provide a complete and useful interpretation to an end user. For example, by integrating topographical, soils and rainfall datasets an agricultural planner can determine the most suitable location for a specific crop.

Our geographical information system(GIS) services:

  • Map design

  • Geo-referencing and Geocoding

  • Spatial analysis(site optimization and visibility optimization)

  • Feasibility studies

  • Disaster predictive models

  • GIS web applications

  • Web maps

Geographical information systems (GIS) services can be applied to the following fields:

  • Scientific investigations

  • Resources management

  • Asset management

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Urban planning

  • Cartography

  • Criminology

  • History

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Logistics