#JoinOurNetwork - Do you want to earn as a geomatics freelancer?

why you should join us

Work support

We have a team of people ready to provide you with relevant work support.

High financial rewards

With us, you get to determine how much you want to get paid.

Project Resources

We provide you with relevant Software, equipment and manpower

High profile jobs

Offer your expertise on some of the most high profile jobs

how it works

  1. We receive a project proposal and specifications from a client.

  2. We contact various freelancers within the geographical region of the project to generate service quotations.

  3. We send the various price quotations generated by the freelancers, back to the client whom gets to decide on the best service quotation.


We prioritize the freelancers geographically closest to the project at hand. This is to ensure speedy attention to the client's project. It also reduces travel and accommodation expenses.