Utility detection

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Utility detection services South Africa, accurately determining the location of underground utilities prior to excavation works can prevent costly damage to pre-existing subsurface utilities. The subsurface utilities may include facilities such as fibre optics, water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, electricity distribution lines, underground tanks, oil and gas pipelines.

Freelance Geomatics is the number one rated utility detection service company in South Africa. We are dedicated to use the latest technology to provide accurate and reliable utility locating services. We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Locators (EML) to uncover all types of underground utilities.

Our utility locating technicians are skilled and experienced to work on any complex site. With our utility detection services, we service a wide range of industries in South Africa. Our clients include construction companies, municipalities, engineering and environmental consultants.

Our utility detection services:

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys

  • Concrete scanning

  • Utility and services detection

  • Utility identification, labelling and mapping

  • Pipe and cable detection.

  • Electromagnetic Locating.

  • Johannesburg

  • Pretoria

  • Cape Town

  • Durban

  • Polokwane

#1 rated utility detection company in South africa