Mine survey services

Specialist in Mining survey services

Mine surveying services include the recording, setting out and measurements of mine workings. These mine survey services are crucial to mine planning, safety and design implementation in both surface or underground mining. Mine surveying also extends to run of mine(ROM) and product stockpile measurements. This has turned a mine surveyor into a resource manager at the mine.

Our freelance mine surveyors are well skilled and experienced to provide complete mining survey and mineral resources management services.

We are also equipped with some of the latest surveying technologies to improve the quality and accuracy of project deliverables submitted to the client.

Mine survey services we provide:

  • Grade and directional control

  • Shaft sinking

  • Tailing dams monitoring

  • Updating mine plans according to the standards stipulated in Chapter 19 of the MHSA act 29 of 1996

  • Gyro-surveys

  • Blast patterns stake out

  • Borehole surveys

  • Stockpile management

  • Pit alignment

  • Topographical surveys