Land Survey services


Land survey services, Freelance Geomatics is the #1 rated land survey services provider in South Africa. With over 50 partnerships with land survey freelancers across South Africa, we are the largest land surveying company per human capital. We have over a hundred years of shared experience among the freelance partners, you can expect quality land survey services.

Land survey services we provide:

  • Boundary surveys is the process of marking the perimeter of a property according to its legal descriptions.

  • Subdivisions is the act of dividing a land portion into two or more portions for the purposes of selling or land development or township establishment.

  • Servitude surveys include right of way surveys, powerline surveys, pipeline surveys, rail surveys, road surveys and other types of servitude surveys.

  • Township establishment, land surveyors play a huge role when it comes to performing large scale subdivisions to establish formalized townships.

  • Topographical (detail) surveys, a topographical survey is a good way to understand the surface details of a given area. Topographical surveys are crucial to structural engineering, civil engineering and architectural planning works.

  • Setting out survey, is the process of transferring drawings or designs made by an engineer or architect onto the ground. Setting out involves establishing building corner points, roads, sewer lines, powerlines, column positions and etc.