Laser Scanning Johannesburg

Laser scanning specialist in Johannesburg

Freelance Geomatics is the #1 rated laser scanning specialists in Johannesburg. We provides a wide range of 3D scanning and post-scan CAD detailing services. Our 3d laser scanning services cater for a wide range of applications including:

  • Rail

  • Civil

  • Industrial

  • Processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Interiors

  • Structurers

  • Machinery

In addition to our wide range of service application, we also provide cost effective laser scanning services. Our partnership with freelance laser scanning technicians, has helped us achieve speed and efficiency in our service delivery in Johannesburg. Our expertise are without doubt very helpful to professionals such as architects, surveyors, project managers and engineers looking for comprehensive 3-Dimensional measured data.

BENEFITS of laser scanning

If you're wondering what 3D laser scanning is and why it's become so popular, it's because it's a technological advancement in the competitive construction industry. It helps to make work more efficient, which saves time and money.

3D laser scanning works by sending out millions of laser beams and timing their return. This will calculate their 3D locations and generate high-speed scans all in one system. It uses the reflection of laser lights to digitally capture the dimensions and spatial relationships of objects. This type of 3D scanning can be used in a variety of jobsite applications, including construction projects such as pre-construction as-builts, virtual design and construction (VDC), and virtual reality (VR).

Laser scanning is extremely important because it records millions of data points, including those that are invisible to the human eye, when scanning objects and site conditions. That being said, the point cloud is an accurate representation of the collected data

To summarize, 3D scanning is quick, accurate, and consistent in collecting data points in a short period of time, saving you money and time. It also provides valuable data for design due to its accuracy and measurability. Say good-by to guessing games and time-consuming trials and errors! Finally, the precise data capture feature makes projects involving retrofits or refurbishments easier.

Why choose us

Freelance Geomatics ZA captures information about building a structure, process plant, civil works, or any object in a point cloud file using laser scanning technology and then uses that data to create deliverables that are useful to Architects, Designers, Engineers, Draftsmen, Maintainers, and Contractors.

In a bustling city like Johannesburg, there is almost certainly one company you can turn to for all of your 3D laser scanning needs in order to accurately bring reality into the digital landscape. There's no need to look far because Freelance Geomatics ZA operates throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg!

The 3D laser scanning and modeling is an upgrade that you should not overlook. Adopt this 3D scanning technology right away and see how quickly you can outperform the competition.