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#1 rated land survey services by freelancers in South Africa and worldwide. We have partnered with over fifty land survey freelancers to provide you with reliable and cost effective land survey services. Our network of land survey freelancers allows us less mobilization time for project execution in any location or region. Our services extend throughout Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, South Africa and abroad.

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land SURVEY ServiceS

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desktop solutions

(Desktop service categories)

3D Machine control models

Point cloud cleaning, registering and meshing

Geographical information systems

Photogrammetry data processing

Industrial 3D Modelling and designs

CAD and draughting services

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Onsite (Land Survey) Services: Available in Southern Africa only | Desktop Solutions: Available Worldwide

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about us

Freelance Geomatics is Professional Land Survey company based in South Africa. Established in 2018, we have progressed to become one of the best surveying companies in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and across South Africa and overseas. Our partnerships with Freelance Land surveyors and Geospatial specialist has afforded us an accelerated growth to meet today's dynamic land survey requirements.  We are proud to be transforming the way land survey professionals work and collaborate in solving work challenges.


With over fifty land survey freelancers registered on our network, we are arguably the biggest land survey company in South Africa per human capital. The size of our network allows our clients an access to unparalleled surveying experience to meet any project demands. Our combined professional experience exceeds a hundred years.

Majority of our freelance surveyors are appropriately registered with the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC) and the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform. These registrations are mandatory to provide specialized land survey services such as sectional title surveys, boundary surveys, subdivision and consolidation surveys.  

As one of South Africa's leading land surveying companies we aim to exceed our clients' expectations. All our surveying services follow the regulations stipulated in the land survey act 8 of 1997.

To ensure we that we provide the best land survey services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and South Africa; we continuously use the latest land survey equipment and technologies. Using the latest survey technologies allows us to provide cost effective services, while maintaining quality project deliverables.

Our core services include:

We provide our services throughout South Africa and worldwide. We have land survey freelancers ready to serve in all regions. Check out our wide range of services and get in touch today for any land survey services by freelancers.

some of our clients

Some of the clients we have provided land survey services include; ekurhuleni municipality, ashindaye, axiom, merchelles, bartlett and coca cola.

why choose our surveyors?

Experienced surveyors

We have over a hundred years of land surveying experience shared amongst the freelance partners, over a wide spectrum of surveying disciplines.


We are available for all on site land survey services in all regions in South Africa. Our freelance partners are spread across all provinces in the country. This allows our land survey freelancers to immediately attend to your project needs.

Cost effective

Our freelance systems allows us to provide cost effective survey services for our clients.


Innovative Land survey solutions

We aim to use the latest land survey technologies to improve the accuracy and the quality of data submitted to client. 


We are passionate about the land survey profession. We aim to perfect the applied methodologies for the benefit of the client and the profession.


In all of our work we are committed to the 'zero harm policy'. We continuously develop safety measures for all our land survey freelancers to ensure no individual is exposed to potential harm.


Building working relationships through transparency and competency in South Africa and abroad.

Customer service

We aim to provide excellent customer service through timely communication and understanding the clients' land survey services requirements.

Environment Responsibilities

Caring for the environment is a primary responsibility for everyone. At Freelance Geomatics we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.